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Catering to Custom Builders for residential and specialised projects.

Top Teng is a renowned contracting company dedicated to serving the needs of Custom Builders in Perth. We specialise in customised design and construction, with a particular focus on luxury high-end houses, heritage buildings, complex structures and special needs facilities.

Our team at Top Teng understands the unique requirements of each client, and we work closely with them to bring their vision to life. Our expertise lies not only in constructing walls and ceilings but also in creating truly customised spaces that reflect the individuality and personality of our clients.

When it comes to building walls and ceilings, we employ the highest standards of craftsmanship and use only the best materials available. Our skilled tradespeople are well-versed in the latest techniques and trends, ensuring that every detail is executed flawlessly.

From intricate architectural features to innovative structural designs, our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any complexity. Whether it's incorporating elegant detailing into a heritage building or accommodating specific accessibility needs, our custom builders go above and beyond to deliver unparalleled results.

At Top Teng, we take pride in being your trusted contractor throughout every phase of your project. With meticulous attention to detail, transparent communication, and a commitment to meeting deadlines, we ensure a seamless construction process from start to finish.

Choose Top Teng for your next custom home project; let us transform your dreams into reality with professionalism, excellence, and an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

Contact us today and let us turn your project into a success story.

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